Boarding and Training

Full Board: $775/month - includes stall, turnout, feed, hay, grooming, blanketing in winter

Training Board: Full board plus a minimum of 4 pro rides, lessons or combination of per week (tack up included)

***Pro rides and lessons under training board: $30

Field Board: $265/month - includes grain twice a day year round, hay in the winter

Layover Board: $30/day for stays less than 30 days - includes feed, hay, turnout

***Extra charges apply for any additional services requested, please inquire

Lessons and Pro Rides

    Private Lesson:  $50/lesson

    Group Lesson:  $40/lesson

    Pro Ride: $50/horse

Showing Expenses           

Coaching at Rated Shows:         $100/day 

Coaching at Local Shows:         $50/day

Riding for Rated Shows:             $60/class

Riding for Local Shows:             $45/class

Trailering:                                   $0.60/mile